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About us

Your holistic pharmacy in Basel

Integral medicine encompasses internal and external aspects (body, mind and soul), considering the human being both as an individual and, at the same time, part of a larger whole, a part of humanity.

Illnesses provide an opportunity to work with you, thereby expanding knowledge and enabling ourselves to evolve by overcoming imbalances; they create opportunities to become whole, or, in other words, to heal.

An understanding of healing is not only of critical importance to medicine and health care but it is also vital in a culture like ours, which must grapple with ever-increasing social, economic and political difficulties.

We allow insights from a holistic world view and the findings of the evolution of consciousness to flow into our work.

We tailor our advice to suit the respective situation and be authentic, so that we are able to meet individual needs.

We incorporate transparent communication into our work as a team and help each other develop.

To this end, we run regular campaigns and seminars to provide further information.

During our regular sharing practice evenings, we support each other as we develop our potential, practice Transparent Communication in accordance with Thomas Hübl® principles, and meditate together.

It is very important to us to create a new “we culture” together, and to use the synchronisation of a group field for the incorporation of personal and collective shadows.

On the basis of a solid basic education, as well as ongoing further education and experience, we ensure that we can always assess whether a health disorder or illness can be treated by yourself, or whether further medical clarification is required.

Specialisation in anthroposophic medication

Following three years of further education in the field of anthroposophically extended pharmacy, we have specialised in anthroposophic medication and therapeutic approaches, and undergo regular further training in this area.

A short profile of Gabriela Zagula

Following a deep spiritual experience in 2006, I embarked on my search for the basics of connection in life.

I completed further training in anthroposophic pharmacy and focused in greater depth on integral philosophy.

With my current teacher Thomas Hübl, mystic and founder of the Academy of Inner Science, I completed my Timeless Wisdom Training over 2 years in 2018.

Since then, I have been in the Core Group, in which we jointly explore the dynamics of personal and collective fragmentation, trauma, integration and healing.

In 2014, this amazing work led to the emergence of the Sharing Group in Basel, which I also lead.

Our team

We are a point of contact for all health issues and offer a variety of analyses and measurements, as well as conventional and complementary medicine and therapy options for health care and the treatment of health disorders or illnesses.

Gabriela Zagula-Rufener - Ahorn Apotheke - Basel

Gabriela Zagula-Rufener

Pharmacist, owner and managing director, FPH pharmacist in dispensing medicines

Wilma Pecoraro - Ahorn Apotheke - Basel

Wilma Pecoraro

Pharmaceutical Assistant

Anita Urban - Ahorn Apotheke - Basel

Anita Urban Naujoks

Pharmaceutical Assistant

Tanja Seferovic - Ahorn Apotheke - Basel

Tanja Seferovic

Pharmaceutical Assistant

Sanye Yokus - Ahorn Apotheke - Basel

Sanye Yokus

Pharmaceutical Assistant

Eva Wirth - Ahorn Apotheke - Basel

Eva Wirth


Gabi Betz - Ahorn Apotheke - Basel

Gabi Betz