Rental items & complementary therapies

Rental equipment / medicinal products

Are you looking to avoid expensive purchases of medicinal products, without forgoing the useful benefits of such devices?

The Ahorn Apotheke offers a reasonably priced service already in use by many satisfied customers.

Subject to a rental agreement, you can borrow a wide range of medical products from us that you only need for a short time.

In addition to the cost savings, you benefit from our advice.

Visit us at our pharmacy in Basel, where we can answer all of your questions about rental equipment and medicinal products on the spot.

Completely free of charge, of course.

The following devices are available at very reasonable prices:

You can currently borrow the following rental equipment directly from our pharmacy.

If you need to make any extended trip within Basel or the Basel area, please check with us for availability first.

Thank you for your understanding.

  • Inhalers

  • Crutches

  • Breast pumps

  • Elsa pillow

Take advantage of our service and receive personal advice on the device that you want right here in our business premises.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide detailed explanations of all of our devices, along with some helpful tips.

Get an overview of our entire range, and our complementary therapies.

We focus on people and personalities, rather than symptoms or illness.

Complementary therapies / alternative medicine

As a holistic pharmacy, we offer solutions from the field of alternative medicine in addition to traditional pharmaceuticals and medication.

Alternative medicine therapies (also known as complementary medical therapies) see the body and mind as a causal unit of any complaint, and aim to achieve the long-term recovery of the overall organism.

Make the most of the supportive effects of holistic approaches, too, and harmonise your recovery process with your body and mind.

The Ahorn Apotheke team looks forward to hearing from you, and to offering bespoke, individual advice.

From A for Anthroposophy to Z for Schüssler salts – we get regular requests for, and offer, the following therapies:

  • Anthroposophic drug therapy

  • Minerals according to Dr. Schüssler

  • Acid-base regulation

  • Bach flower therapy | Gemmo Therapy | Phytotherapy | Vital substance therapy

  • Body detox electrolysis foot baths

  • Integral therapy

  • Wound care, dressing change