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TRAUMA from a holistic perspective

We all know situations where difficulties or overwhelming experiences are bothering us so much, that we feel overchallenged. Then we try to find a solution, however this will not succeed. Such situations can be so challenging, that we feel like not making any progress. At the time of their occurrence these experiences hit us exceedingly. That's why we were forced to split them off so we could continue with our life. In psychology we call this a trauma.

Healers and shamans of other cultures know that body and spirit are inextricably linked and in mutual interaction. The latest results in research show: every organ in the body has "thoughts" and "feelings" and shares them in not always explainable ways with other organs. Therapies and treatments based exclusively on psychotherapy, or those which provide only medical treatments, fall too short. For a more complete healing from deeper lying traumatic experiences, the body must be included. He plays an important role in the development of a disorder. He is not only feeling and knowing, but also has - due to his vitality - the ability to recover from the effects of a trauma.

Thomas Hübl, a contemporary spiritual teacher and initiator of the Celebrate Life Festival, makes a valuable contribution in this direction.

Please read the following article (only in German available):

Trauma (PDF)

Meditation und Sharing-group

SHARING-GOUP – Academy of Innerscience

We offer practical sharing-evenings based on the work of Thomas Hübl on the following topics

  • training to be present
  • transparent communication
  • body awareness
  • potential development

We meet every month on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 19.45 - 22.00 o'clock in our sharing group to practice meditation, Body Awakening and Transparent Communication in the Grienstrasse 33, 4055 Basel.

By 21 o'clock the download Meditation by Thomas Hübl takes place.

Our practice group deepenes together the foundations of a holistic spirituality and a corresponding life practice. We train Transparent Communication by Thomas Hübl, deepen our perception of the body-mind, the intersubjecive field and meditate together.

On these evenings, we also practice mindfulness and compassion as well as the refinement of our interpersonal communication skills. We provide a training ground for the deepening and transcendence of life and to explore a 'new WE'. As a result we create a space, where different exercises, exchanges and silence take place.

Open Evenings

October 2, October 23, November 6, November 20, December 4, December 18, 2018

Warmly, we invite you, whenever you have interest and pleasure to participate and meditate with us in the open evenings!

Fee: CHF 5 - 10

Awakening to the Presence

The signs of our times show us since many years that for some people a new impulse of awakening is more noticeable. Around the world groups, movements and projects grow dedicated to the exploration of conciousness.

They all together form a movement out of which a new perspective of the human being emerges, which impacts our ways of living. What does it mean to live an awake life, in an awake culture and a society that has answers for the questions of our time?

Let's go together on a journey to explore the way how we see ourselves, the world and our awakening. A journey throught the evolutionary stages of human existance, with different values and viewpoints that show up in these stages, and form different types of social structures, that we create together.

We question what we take for granted, to see that we cultivate many of these habits unconsciously. When we are able to recognize these habits as filters through which we see life, then we will free our vision and recognize the world much more awake.

Thomas Huebl

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